Dot Immunobinding Assay

"A clinician who
does not need a laboratory
is uniformed and a clinician who
is totally dependent upon the laboratory
findings is inexperienced and in
either case the patient
is in danger"


The need of rapid and specific diagnostic tool(s) for detecting a wide variety of viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic diseases of man and animals has always been an area of considerable importance for clinicians. Many infectious diseases are diagnosed by isolating, growing and identifying the infectious agent from clinical specimens. These methods demand well equipped and well staffed microbiological and virological laboratories. Days to weeks are sometimes spent in arriving at an unambiguous diagnosis which lead into failure to meet the need for an early management of the disease by the clinician. Although isolation and identification of the microorganism provides incontrovertible diagnosis of the disease but rate of success is limited. Alternatively, methods detecting seroconversions to particular microorganisms can be of great diagnostic importance. Laboratory based diagnosis of majority of infectious diseases involving seroconversion has largely been depended on the assays using antigen - antibody reactions.